“…There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature–the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

–Rachel Carson, Silent Spring


Are you struggling with overwhelming sadness, despair, or grief stemming from a recent or past loss?  Or maybe it’s a quieter, softer fear that things will never be quite the same, coupled with a longing for how things were.  Perhaps you aren’t grieving the way you think you “should”—in other words, the awareness that “My grief doesn’t look like _____’s” or “I haven’t cried yet”.  Have you experienced waves of guilt or shame over something left undone or unspoken?  Or wishing that you could go back and do something differently?  I want to take a moment to validate all of your feelings and concerns.  I also want to let you know that you are not alone.

My name is Kristin Nathan and I’m a licensed professional counselor and founder of Into the Woods Counseling.  Our role at Into the Woods is to listen to you in a way that you may not experience in your day-to-day life, to provide empathy and understanding, and to hold a sacred space for you to process all of these often complicated emotions, thoughts, and body sensations.  We can also provide education about grief and tools to help you move through the grief process in a way that won’t completely overwhelm you.  Finally, our role is to hold onto hope when you aren’t able to access this yourself at the moment.

Ultimately, the goal is to help you reconnect to your Self, to help you to rediscover your authenticity, your voice, and the meaning behind your struggles.  Through use of techniques from Internal Family Systems (IFS), Nature-Based or Wilderness Therapy, mindfulness, spirituality, and somatic-based therapies, we can assist you in processing your emotions and experiences in safe and healthy ways, moving you towards innate wellness and positive functioning.


We could all use a little extra support for experiences like losing someone (or a pet) we love, life transitions, anxiety, trauma, stress or just to reconnect with joy and authenticity!  Our passion is working one-on-one with you to manage these challenges and offering unique support in office, virtually, or in nature. We currently offer counseling for:

We’ll be glad to offer you a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your options for counseling, answer any questions you might have, and see if we would be a good fit to work together.  Drop us an email today at intothewoods.kristin@gmail.com and we’ll get you connected to one of our therapists right away.


It can be amazingly beneficial for your mental, physical, and emotional health to take a step back and submerge yourself in nature–which can even mean a city park or backyard!  We’re passionate about nature-based sessions, wilderness therapy, outdoor retreats, and the healing power of the great outdoors.  Our office borders Cheesman Park and the Denver Botanic Gardens, we’re near City Park and Wash Park as well, or let’s chat about some more adventurous options!  We are looking forward to our work together.


“…Earth, teach me freedom as the eagle that soars in the sky…”

–Ute Prayer

About Kristin Nathan, MS, LPC

Kristin is a licensed professional counselor in Denver, CO with a background working with adults experiencing grief, trauma, and anxiety.  She is passionate about using a somatic approach to access, process, and sequence traumas held in the body, often with the help of nature.  She recognizes the importance of holding a safe and sacred space for her clients and strives to create an experience where all clients feel heard, accepted, and validated.

Kristin earned her M.S. from Walden University and her B.A. from the University of Nebraska, where she is originally from, and has been a resident of Denver for 10 years.  She enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, water colors,  indoor gardening, watching football, and being with friends and is most often found in solitary places deep in the outdoors.

Kristin is viewed by her clients and colleagues as gentle, kind, non-judgmental, creative, and advanced in her intuitive capabilities.  She is a born empath and an old soul who relates well to other empaths, nature-lovers, and creatives.  Her strongest skill set is picking up on what is being felt but not said and helping her clients access that through their own somatic experience.

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About Lea Powell, M.A, MFTC

Lea is a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate in Denver, CO and holds experience working with individuals, couples, families, and children. She believes that second order change happens on a process level and encourages her clients to dig deep to explore all varying dynamics of their presenting concerns. Lea believes that all humans have the inherent capabilities and resources needed to heal but are hindered by external influences that disrupt their life and effects their relationships. She recognizes the importance of emotional and behavioral congruence and creating a space where all parties fell heard, understood, and validated.

Lea earned her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University where she was highly recognized for her academic achievements and commitment to the field of mental health by being 1 of 5 recipients awarded the prestigious F. Leonard Pomponio and Elizabeth M. Adams Master of Arts in Counseling and Family Therapy Outstanding graduate award.

Lea is viewed by peers and colleagues as intuitive, insightful, and advanced in her capabilities. She considers herself to be a natural empath and is highly susceptible to energies that transmit themselves into the therapy room. She has a strong skillset when it comes to attending to non-verbal cues and is comfortable drawing attention to “the elephant in the room” to encourage and foster growth in her clients. Lea recognizes the importance of humanizing the experience of therapy and uses humor and experiential interventions to create a space that is warm and inviting to all.

About Robbie Watterson, MA, LPCC

Robbie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, LPCC in Denver and Black Hawk, CO. He has a background working with grief, identity, self-esteem, life transitions, and addiction. He considers himself a holistic practitioner and loves to incorporate nature into his sessions along with rituals and ceremonies to honor the sacred journey everyone is on. Meeting clients where they are at is essential to understanding where to go next, Robbie uses a person-centered, transpersonal, and strengths-based approach to help clients move toward what they want most in life.

Robbie earned his degree from Naropa University with a concentration in wilderness therapy. His experience includes working with severe mental health at Colorado Recovery in Boulder, guiding retreats with Men’s Leadership Alliance, and working as an affordable care counselor for at People House in Denver. Working with people from all walks of life has helped Robbie relate to his clients in a much deeper and more authentic way.

Robbie’s call to action for the community is to help people create a place of safety within themselves and their environment through living a balanced lifestyle, confronting patterns that no longer serve them, and strengthening their connection to nature. He feels people have been modeled in society to do instead of be and this constant action has pulled people away from feeling into our bodies and accessing our heart space or vulnerability. It is his passion to guide others towards their innate intelligence and help them feel safe again in their body. A great way to begin is by working in nature, a trusted and reliable source of intelligence that gives people a safe place to feel free and expansive. He loves to include the elements and nature themes in his sessions including those he meets with virtually.

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